Thursday, June 24, 2010

is my baby look like a girl???

i don't know if i will be irritated or flattered everytime someone comments that my baby looks like a girl. although i can see that aquila have angles that he looks like me.

here's me (left) when i was his age and aquila on his first birthday. pinag-biyak na bunga :D

father's day

we ate at itallani's trinoma last sunday to celebrate fathers session with aquila before we left the house.

spaghetti night

im training my son to eat on his own (BLW style), he enjoyed playing with the noodles but ate at least on his own. we didn't mind the mess he made nor the stain in his shirt. (thank god for zonrox bleach).

so cute :)
yummm :9
slippery hands, can't even hold his bottle properly :D 
soaked this shirt overnight with zonrox bleach XD
look at that mess!
 wants to eat more
goofing around with the camera. he loves it when he makes the people around him laugh. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

found my files

as i am updating my online portfolio, i found another batch of my photography files. this was taken three years ago during our vacation in boracay.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

aquila's birthday

i am so busy that i forgot to post my son's birthday pictures. well, there's not a lot of them . what do you know, hubby forgot the camera that day. well, he brought it, yes. but he placed it in the kitchen so he forgot to bring it out. he's too busy entertaining visitors.

good thing i invited my cousin who is really good in photography. his shots are really great.

i failed to do an amazing pocoyo cake. time failed me. though i finished making pato and ely, i didn't have the time to put them in the cake. i was literally rushing to finish it. plus the candles that spelled "aquila" is melting due to the very hot weather. well, good thing is the cupcakes tasted great. =)

ha! my aquila looks like a girl! =P

here's caitlin (my friend's daughter). why so serious?! 

aquila looks good on his levi's jeans =)

 i made all these twisted balloons. i actually enjoyed making them. my first time to pump twisted balloons actually.
it was hard at first but i got the technique after a few balloons, then rest are easy. i made about 30-40 balloons. too bad it was very hot that day that my balloons are popping one by one. i also didn't have enough time to pump those circle shaped balloons. =( i planned to fill the whole place with balloons but visitors came early (or are we just late). didn't had the chance to pump some more.

i still have A LOT that i should have done like the pictorial before the party, pocoyo masks, balloon decorations, designed the cakes & cupcakes more, etc. but i am not a perfectionist in planning and organizing a party. so i can say that the party went well. the important thing is that my baby enjoyed the celebration as much as we do. though many didn't bother to show up or even inform us they wont come. boooo to all the kill-joy! =P